Hello Bonjour Anyong-haseyo

19 Oct

Welcome to my first blog post ever! I have created this blog to talk about anything and everything I want with YOU-the world 🙂

I’m a college sophomore and I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I am not bilingual, or trilingual, though this title may lead some to believe so.

I do love Kpop music though! And Korean variety shows. I’m pretty much in love with Korean pop culture.

I am also a musician and studying to become a music teacher! Hooray! My goal is to teach at an Elementary level.

Okay, so now for the real deal

Today, I had thoughts about the following:

SNSD: So my friend Kaylyn showed me this link today  which is apparently some kind of revealer/teaser for their upcoming album. She thinks it’s creepy. Although I do agree that to some extent the song is a little creepy, I have hopes that the actual song (in its entirety) will actually be fantastic. Because I like SNSD, really.

Willow Smith: Kaylyn also shared with me this link  . Here’s how I feel: Although she seems to be very talented, she’s just a little young to have a whole music video as a solo artist. That may seem patronizing of me to say, however, I really just could not get over how YOUNG she looked in the video!!! I had the same feeling when I watched GP Basic’s “Game” MV. I just can’t get past the young age of Janey (like Willow), but I like the song!

Homework: As far as I am concerned, homework and satan were definitely friends. Like, I know homework helps us learn and yada yada but COME ON, you’re killin’ me.

Funny Incident of the Day: During my piano lesson, while my teacher was asking me to explain and point out the micro-dynamics (SAY WHAT?!) of my piece, I just could not get it and I mildly shouted “You’re killin’ me Shocks!”. This is an abbreviation of my teacher’s name. He now knows what we call him outside of lessons.

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