English Subbed Videos and Copyright Laws are not friends.

23 Oct

Did you ever decide to watch a show in another language that you don’t understand?

Well I do it all the time. I really love watching foreign dramas (specifically asian ones, but regardless-foreign to me) and I therefore have to watch these videos with English Subtitles. That sounds all good and well, and actually I think it improves your reading speed if you’re a slow reader to begin with.

SOOOO I am currently watching the drama “Down With Love” starring Ella Chen and Jerry Yan. These shows are very addicting. I have barely any free time during the week, so I usually only watch it on the weekends. This weekend I had finally gotten down to like the last two episodes of the series AND I CANNOT FIND ANY VIDEOS WITH SUBTITLES LEFT ON THE INTERNET.

I mean really. I have searched everywhere I can think of! I AM LIKE 1/6 INTO THE LAST EPISODE. It’s killing me!!!!!

Damn Copyright Laws.

Seriously, like it’s one thing to have a copyright law out so that no one else can take credit or profit for your work, I GET THAT, however it really SUCKS when you get addicted to something that you can’t understand without the help of others’ vigorous translations! These companies get so upset that people are posting their videos and translating them for other countries, when really they should be glad they are getting so much world wide publicity!!!

YOUTUBE is a good example of this. Everything on youtube is so commercialized now that they have these 15 second commercials in front of popular videos (that makes everyone annoyed with geico and etc because who wants commercials on youtube?!??!) that you HAVE to watch and cannot x out of. It’s irritating.

I understand that the purpose of this is to make a profit, so that’s cool.

BUT COMPANIES NEED TO STOP TAKING AWAY VIDEOS BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT REASONS. If people are giving you credit, WHO CARES IF THEY POST IT?! It’s FREE Publicity for your artist or tv station or whatever!

As an English speaking fan of many foreign videos, it is extremely frustrating for me to not be able to easily find these videos for my viewing pleasure. I know a lot of people who feel that way. The more they crack down on youtube and the likes, the more foreign fans they are losing.

One Response to “English Subbed Videos and Copyright Laws are not friends.”

  1. jessicachc October 24, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    Please blog about the evening/morning of October 23-24 🙂

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