Weekends are the BEST.

26 Oct

This past weekend was QUITE the adventure. Well, at least Saturday night into Sunday morning was.

On Friday: I didn’t do much. I have class stuff in the morning and then in the afternoon we (my suite-mate Jessica and I) decided to watch “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (who is smokin’ hott btw). ANYWAYS, let’s just say we didn’t make it to Alaska because we PASSED OUT. we. were. exhausted.

Later that night we decided to have a GLEE marathon! My friend Jess (who lives across the hall) and I had never seen the first season, but we had started to get into the second and we were VERY confused. Jessica (the suite-mate) has the whole first season on DVD. THUS, a marathon commenced.

On Saturday: We also did a lot of nothing. Jessica and I went to Jess’s soccer game and they won!!! Jess is the goalie and ranked nationally for division 2! She is fantastic!

Later, Me, Jess, and Jessica decided to FINISH watching Glee. WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP. and SUPER excited to see tomorrow’s episode now that we know what’s going on. haha

SATURDAY NIGHT: Jessica and I decided we wanted to pull an all-nighter. SO after finishing GLEE at 2am, haha, we twittered back and forth to each other (AND fb’ed) for like, a half an hour. And yes, we were in the same room-ish area (I was in the common room, and she in her bedroom). Then we decided to go search out some caffeine from the vending machines. We eventually had to wander to another dorm building because ours wasn’t working. Then we sat on the library steps for like an hour. Doing what, no one knows.

Then, we came back and watched Ghost Hunters while making up a hilarious prank to play on our friend Jess (across the hallway who was already asleep). We put post-it notes ALL OVER HER DOOR. hahha We were going to put them all over her-side of her room, but she locked the door and we couldn’t get in.

Here’s a lovely picture of our 4 AM craftsmanship:

"Post-It Door"


After this we decided to watch some more Ghost Hunters and it got a little spooky! THEN WE HAD THE GENIUS IDEA TO film our own Ghost Hunters IN OUR ROOM!!! 😀 That was…until we scared ourselves because of the graveyard outside our window and had to stop. hahaha

We eventually went to sleep at about 7 am.

On Sunday: After sleeping til almost 1, we got up and a bunch of my friends and I went to walk around the BEAUTIFUL Fairmont Park.

Fall Fairmont

After that, we went to my friend (and roommate) Kaycee’s house for dinner where her dad cooked us up some FANTASTIC Italian food.

NOW It is early Tuesday morning (Monday night to me) and I’m sitting in my room doing some ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS Music Theory homework and listening to the soundtrack for Little Shop of Horrors.

embarrassing moment of the weekend: I was walking up the Hill of Death with Jessica when a bird rustled overly loudly in a bush next to me and I screamed and fell and laid on the hill for like 45 seconds.

moral of my life: I HATE BIRDS.

Peace Out Boy/Girl Scouts



One Response to “Weekends are the BEST.”

  1. Jessica O'Neill October 26, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA wonderful weekend of crazy

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