Sitting in class wishing I was anywhere but here…

27 Oct

I am currently sitting in my Music for Diverse Learners class, wishing I was anywhere but here. I’m so tired that if I stop typing I may pass out. Even if I do type, I may pass out. Last week I nodded off mid-type and then startled myself and slammed on the keys and scared everyone in the room. hahha oh my life.

This teacher is teaching us how to do our weekly assignments TWO MONTHS AFTER THE CLASS HAS STARTED. Why did she blow it and miss the wagon, you ask? Because we finally all complained enough that she FINALLY decided to give proper and full directions for all of these reflection assignments.

The air conditioner keeps going off and on in this room, and even though it is humid, I do not appreciate all this blowing cold air.

Here are some wonderful things I have found lately:

2PM is so funny and cute. I love Junho’s cat tips. hahah

Also, look at this SPLENDID picture of Nichkhun that I have set as one of my background photos. So. cute.








I really hate this class. Like so much. We had to write a bagillion reflections for this class and do this whole presentation and etc, LET’S GET A MOVE ON LADY I HAVE STUFF TO DO IF I’M NOT LEARNING!!!


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