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Twitter MISHAP.

23 Nov

Here’s another classic “WHY IS THIS MY LIFE” story for you.

So on Twitter – for those of you who don’t have one- when you want to send a tweet to someone in particular you use an @ symbol and then their twitter username. For example, sending a message to me would be “@acherewaty blah blah blah” and I would see that under my @mentions tab on twitter.

So there are a few of my friends that I avidly tweet to on twitter. Specifically my friend Jessica, and her username is @JayyOhh.

WELLLLLLLLLLLL when I tweet from my phone I can’t look up her username and APPARENTLY I spelled it wrong whilst tweeting her yesterday not once

not twice


Some man with the twitter username of @JayOhh (SO FREAKING SIMILAR) received the following messages yesterday from @acherewaty


“Ahhhhhh! so excited!”


“i am done. like i am just not going to reference a thousand other dictionaries”

So embarrassing…

Why is this my life? I BLEW IT.

Prayers for South Korea in this terrible time!

Here’s a few new great music videos:

Beast/B2ST!! -” Beautiful” so cute! 

F.Cuz – “Midnight Sun”- really catchy and kind of hott?? 

Orange Caramel- “Aing” They are adorable. I didn’t really like this at first, but it has grown on me more than I thought it would. 

Happy Thanksgiving Vacation college kids!


HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

17 Nov

I was fortunate enough to go to the PRE-SCREENING of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.






The movie was absolutely FANTASTIC in every way and I cannot wait to see it again tomorrow night at the midnight showing!

The way I’ve been describing it to everyone (besides all those adjectives listed above) is:

You know how every Harry Potter movie, although good, usually makes you conscious of how long you’ve been sitting there watching it? THIS ONE DOES NOT. I seriously could not believe that 2 hours and 25 minutes had actually passed me by. IT’S INCREDIBLE. You blink and it’s over!

This one is also a little on the scary side. There were several parts that made me jump.

IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I am going to have to see it 567899876588765467 times in theatres.

What’s new in Kpop that I love?

10 Nov

Many things. Recently there have been many great new things in the Kpop world.

My top 5 favorite new MV’s:

#5 is VNT with Sound – VNT is a new group which I really know nothing about, but I found out about their mv primarily because SHINee’s Minho is in it, and I love him. However, the video is actually really good and I’m excited to hear more from them. 

#4 is 2NE1’s new MV for “It Hurts” – honestly the video is a little odd as it is Halloween themed, however, I really love 2NE1 and the song is pretty. 

#3 is 2AM’s new MV for “Like Crazy” – I really love 2AM. I love their voices and I love their albums, and I especially love how hilarious they are on variety shows! haha I seriously love them. 

#2 is ALSO 2AM with their other new MV for “You wouldn’t answer my calls” which is now on my list of SADDEST MUSIC VIDEOS EVER along with Big Bang’s “Haru Haru”. AH! so sad. 

#1 just came out yesterday and that is Kara’s new MV “Jumping” ! – Although I, of course, know some past Kara songs (what kpop fan doesn’t?) I honestly was never the biggest fan of them. They’re okay, but I never liked them that much. This new MV, however, changes things! I LOOOVE IT! I think the song is really catchy and the video is well done. I like the Korean version much better than the japanese version. 

Other things to be excited about are B2ST’s new MV teaser (which is surprisingly long to be a teaser!)

And this FANTASTIC fancam of SHINee at SMTOWN LIVE doing Lucifer, which of course sounds and looks amazing. 

Birds are seriously out to get me.

6 Nov

I’ve had a blog for about…hm..a few weeks…and I’ve already had more than one story about birds. WELL IT’S NOT OVER.

Birds are coming for me. I know it.They are disgusting evil creatures with a keen sense for fear.  I swear.

Today was freakin’ wild life day at my college or something.

First there was a deer that was apparently giving birth in the cemetery! WHAT?! like seriously, WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN?! So as we are seeing this deer out the window, we realize that it’s time to go to meeting and we leave my dorm building.

When we got outside…THERE WERE THREE LARGE-ASS WILD TURKEYS CHILLING IN THE PIAZZA THAT WE HAVE TO WALK THROUGH to get to the building where our meeting is.

THANK GOD  I was with two of my best friends who know how terrified I am of birds. I started mildly freaking out about passing through but they got on either side of me to “shield” me from these demons. Unfortunately, as we moved the birds got closer and closer to where we were and my first reaction was tears and freezing to my spot, but my friends encouraged me on and then i ran and yelled “I HAAAATE BIRDS!!!” (tears still in my eyes and a little on my face). It was very embarrassing and terrifying. And of course I ran into people I knew.

This is the picture my friend Jess took with her cell phone of the damn things.

Why is this my life?


1 Nov

There are a lot of reasons to love Halloween.

If you’re a kid, obviously the number one reason is because you can TRICK OR TREAT! for FREE candy. yeah that’s right, free. And it usually lasts you MONTHS.

If you’re a teenager you will probably (a) trick or treat and/or (b) go to a halloween party. Those are fun. Themed all scary like.

If you are an adult (or a college student) you will most likely go to a PARTAY! And have a blast! Many people will probably not remember the bulk of that partay.

People from ALL OF THESE GROUPS are likely to visit/go to a Haunted House or Theme park. All throughout high school my friends would force me to go to a haunted house/hay ride/terror ville (!) every year!!! Well not anymore!

This year I REJECTED the idea of going to haunted places. I am a whole hott mess at those things. Fo serious. Like I’m talking tears, screaming, and mild panic attacks. Not to mention my inability to sleep alone in my room w/o lights on when it’s over. The last time I went somewhere haunted it was FIELD OF SCREAMS in Lancaster, Pa.

it was scary as shit.

It was truly terrifying and I swear the workers can smell my fear!!! They just KNOW who to aim for!!! AND THAT PERSON IS ALWAYS ME. I always cause a scene and humiliate myself in terror. ugh.

My fantastic college has a Halloween Dance. That is SUPER fun. Everyone dresses up and it’s all kinds of exciting! There’s lots of dancing, drunk people, and hilarious costumes!!! This year, I went as Helen Keller.

I know what you’re thinking:



(2) That’s offensive.

Well all I can say is that I truly love Helen Keller. She was really amazing and etc.

Also her jokes are SOOOO FUNNY!!!

And I mean, come on, she’s the automatic win card in Apples to Apples! It’s hilarious in every way.

Here’s a picture of my friends and I:

Scott Pilgrim, Lady Gaga, Quail Man, Helen Keller, and Snooki went to a dance….


sounds like the beginning to a terrible joke. haha