1 Nov

There are a lot of reasons to love Halloween.

If you’re a kid, obviously the number one reason is because you can TRICK OR TREAT! for FREE candy. yeah that’s right, free. And it usually lasts you MONTHS.

If you’re a teenager you will probably (a) trick or treat and/or (b) go to a halloween party. Those are fun. Themed all scary like.

If you are an adult (or a college student) you will most likely go to a PARTAY! And have a blast! Many people will probably not remember the bulk of that partay.

People from ALL OF THESE GROUPS are likely to visit/go to a Haunted House or Theme park. All throughout high school my friends would force me to go to a haunted house/hay ride/terror ville (!) every year!!! Well not anymore!

This year I REJECTED the idea of going to haunted places. I am a whole hott mess at those things. Fo serious. Like I’m talking tears, screaming, and mild panic attacks. Not to mention my inability to sleep alone in my room w/o lights on when it’s over. The last time I went somewhere haunted it was FIELD OF SCREAMS in Lancaster, Pa.

it was scary as shit.

It was truly terrifying and I swear the workers can smell my fear!!! They just KNOW who to aim for!!! AND THAT PERSON IS ALWAYS ME. I always cause a scene and humiliate myself in terror. ugh.

My fantastic college has a Halloween Dance. That is SUPER fun. Everyone dresses up and it’s all kinds of exciting! There’s lots of dancing, drunk people, and hilarious costumes!!! This year, I went as Helen Keller.

I know what you’re thinking:



(2) That’s offensive.

Well all I can say is that I truly love Helen Keller. She was really amazing and etc.

Also her jokes are SOOOO FUNNY!!!

And I mean, come on, she’s the automatic win card in Apples to Apples! It’s hilarious in every way.

Here’s a picture of my friends and I:

Scott Pilgrim, Lady Gaga, Quail Man, Helen Keller, and Snooki went to a dance….


sounds like the beginning to a terrible joke. haha


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