Birds are seriously out to get me.

6 Nov

I’ve had a blog for about…hm..a few weeks…and I’ve already had more than one story about birds. WELL IT’S NOT OVER.

Birds are coming for me. I know it.They are disgusting evil creatures with a keen sense for fear.  I swear.

Today was freakin’ wild life day at my college or something.

First there was a deer that was apparently giving birth in the cemetery! WHAT?! like seriously, WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN?! So as we are seeing this deer out the window, we realize that it’s time to go to meeting and we leave my dorm building.

When we got outside…THERE WERE THREE LARGE-ASS WILD TURKEYS CHILLING IN THE PIAZZA THAT WE HAVE TO WALK THROUGH to get to the building where our meeting is.

THANK GOD  I was with two of my best friends who know how terrified I am of birds. I started mildly freaking out about passing through but they got on either side of me to “shield” me from these demons. Unfortunately, as we moved the birds got closer and closer to where we were and my first reaction was tears and freezing to my spot, but my friends encouraged me on and then i ran and yelled “I HAAAATE BIRDS!!!” (tears still in my eyes and a little on my face). It was very embarrassing and terrifying. And of course I ran into people I knew.

This is the picture my friend Jess took with her cell phone of the damn things.

Why is this my life?


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