What’s new in Kpop that I love?

10 Nov

Many things. Recently there have been many great new things in the Kpop world.

My top 5 favorite new MV’s:

#5 is VNT with Sound – VNT is a new group which I really know nothing about, but I found out about their mv primarily because SHINee’s Minho is in it, and I love him. However, the video is actually really good and I’m excited to hear more from them. 

#4 is 2NE1’s new MV for “It Hurts” – honestly the video is a little odd as it is Halloween themed, however, I really love 2NE1 and the song is pretty. 

#3 is 2AM’s new MV for “Like Crazy” – I really love 2AM. I love their voices and I love their albums, and I especially love how hilarious they are on variety shows! haha I seriously love them. 

#2 is ALSO 2AM with their other new MV for “You wouldn’t answer my calls” which is now on my list of SADDEST MUSIC VIDEOS EVER along with Big Bang’s “Haru Haru”. AH! so sad. 

#1 just came out yesterday and that is Kara’s new MV “Jumping” ! – Although I, of course, know some past Kara songs (what kpop fan doesn’t?) I honestly was never the biggest fan of them. They’re okay, but I never liked them that much. This new MV, however, changes things! I LOOOVE IT! I think the song is really catchy and the video is well done. I like the Korean version much better than the japanese version. 

Other things to be excited about are B2ST’s new MV teaser (which is surprisingly long to be a teaser!)

And this FANTASTIC fancam of SHINee at SMTOWN LIVE doing Lucifer, which of course sounds and looks amazing. 

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