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Welcome 2011! Nice to see you.

6 Jan

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

My holidays were filled with the usual family shenanigans such as:

Reenacting the birth of christ:

with my brother playing the role of Joseph (who is looking mighty hispanic???) and my cat playing the role of baby Jesus. My neighbors came over after Christmas Eve mass to have a late night breakfast/catch-phrase game. haha

Christmas Day was spent at my beloved Uncle’s house in NJ! We had a FANTASTIC time with the usual craziness. We played wii pictionary and “Just Dance” which was hilarious! My cousin and my brother did a medley and I almost peed in my pants.

New Years Eve I spent cooking with my neighbor (from above) who is pretty much my sister. We then watched some highlights from the Gayo Daejun on

This is my personal FAVORITE.

I also really love the BoA medley that Taemin, Krystal, Luna, and Yoona did.

And of course the Khuntoria special and the 2pm/miss a dance version of Without U were spectacular! 2ne1 and GD&TOP were also fantastic. And I always love f(x) and SHINee no matter what. HOORAY FOR AMBER’S RETURN. I was getting concerned.

Recently, after the chaos of the new year had settled down, there were also a bagilllllion new mvs released. The best ones are (in my opinion):

GD&TOP “knock out”

and TVXQ’s “Keep your head down” which Perez Hilton even acknowledged on his blog!

Finally, as my friend Jessica came to visit me while we are on break from College, we made this lovely MV for all to enjoy!

We looooooooove this song.