And the Oscar went to…

3 Mar

This year was another exciting one at the Academy Awards!!! Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted and did a wonderful job!

Anne wore SEVERAL gorgeous gowns (and even a few…interesting ones). Franco even had his own gown.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t have the chance to see a lot of the nominated films this year – however – now that I see the results and movie clips, I am definitely interested in renting the majority of them.

If you missed the awards – here’s a link to a list of who won what:

I was impressed by the number of nominations received for the King’s Speech, the Social Network, True Grit, and Inception. Black Swan, the Fighter, and Toy Story 3 also received a large number of nominations.

One of my favorite moments of the entire night, was the wonderful auto-tune song that was made due to the limited number of musical-movies that were released in 2010

My personal favorite is “tiny ball of light” from Harry Potter.

And now – the ultimate question: How many dresses did Anne Hathaway wear that night? Let’s count.







Overall, the show was well hosted and very entertaining!


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