Spring Break in Chicago!!!

23 Mar

Two of my best friends and I took our Spring Break vaca to the great city of CHICAGO this year. I am in love with the windy city.

Day 1 – Snow. It was very cold and we strolled around the neighborhood of Oak Park where my friend’s aunt (who we stayed with) lives in a fantastic apartment.

totally gorgeous.  We also discovered the restaurant love of my life called Flat Top Grille – which was a create your own stir fry place!







Day 2: We went to the Shedd Aquarium!!! Who knew Chicago would have one of the best aquariums I’ve ever been to? We also went up in the Willis (used to be Sears) Tower to the Skydeck, which was awesome until I got serious vertigo and then was put in a freight elevator to come down that had signs up stating no passengers……(?) haha











Day 3: On our third day in Chicago we took a trip to the Adler Planetarium….which was super boring. If I had a child between the ages of 5 and 10, I’d bring them there, but otherwise….no. We also took a trip to the Navy Pier! While there we rode the ferris wheel and tried to use a video booth (instead of photo booth) which ate our money and 45 minutes of our time because it’s touch screen was cracked. 😦 Then at night we had a taste of some Chicago-style Pizza!









Day 4: On our fourth day in Chicago we went to the Field Museum – which was totally awesome, and MILLENIUM PARK which is my favorite. I’m in love with the bean. We also went to some restaurant called Jimmy Green’s that got my order wrong and had super slow service.









Day 5: On our 5th day we went to the Museum of Science and Industry!!! It was super cool, and I’ll have to go back one day because I didn’t even get to see the whole thing. My favorite section was the storm section where you could control tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, wind tunnels, etc on a small scale to understand how they work. We went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe where they put BACON in their Caesar salad. so upsetting. Then we briefly people watched at Starbucks and then went to see BLUE MAN GROUP! who were completely amazing.







Day 6: On our 6th day in Chicago, we went to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio – which was really cool! I love his architecture. The only down side of this, was the creepy man who followed me around with a camera. Not. okay. At night, after the boys had headed home on the train, Jessica and I headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner!







On Day 7: Our last full day in Chicago was spent shopping and strolling the city. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the House of Blues.





Overall, I absolutely love Chicago as a city and I cannot WAIT to go back!!!


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