At laaaaaast summer has come along

2 Jun

Even though I’ve officially been “home for summer” and done with school for a few weeks, it is just recently beginning to feel like summer in my life.

Summer for me is a time of loves and hates: a time to obsess over certain songs and your favorite book, or whatever it may be.

Summer is also a time of goals: a time when there are things I want to do and things I want to accomplish before I’m back at school and too busy to look back.

So here are my lovely lists of obsessions and goals for the Summer of 2011.

OBSESSIONS (currently)

  • Eos lip balm – the ones that are round. Really, I’ve loved these for a while, but I just bought a honey dew one and got overly excited about it.
  • The songs “Pricetag” by Jessie J and “Love Alone” by Miss A. Catchy and wonderful.
  • Monk. I have seasons 4 and 5 on DVD and I have had them playing in my room almost continuously since I got home. Love it.
  • Pretty soon I will be obsessed with Pretty Little Liars when it comes back on TV!
  • Mauchunk Lake. I forgot how much I love it there.
  • Do a lot of outdoorsy activities such as : canoeing/kayaking, white water rafting, camping, hiking (specifically I love Jacobsburg State Park and Hawk Mountain), fishing with my Dad – just in general being outside.
  • Be relatively fit.
  • Walk my dog everyday. She will love me more and my park is really quite nice.
  • Hang out with my high school friends. God I love them.
  • REUNITE WITH ALYCE WHEN SHE RETURNS FROM BRAZIL. Actually this is number 1 on my thoughts.
  • Practice violin and piano A LOT. so far I have been successful at this goal as far as violin goes…I can’t say the same for piano, but it’s getting tuned soon which will help.
  • MAKE MONEY. Working at CVS and Babysitting. I think I am also house/pet sitting.
  • Visit NYC to shop, wander, and see a show. More than once.
  • Spend lots of time with Baby Tia. 🙂 My little sister turns 1 soon and she is so so cute!
Besides these goals and obsessions, I am also really excited to go on vacation with my Dad in July to a lake in the Poconos (it’s something to do with the sun-either its rising or setting- the name of the lake) and I am SUPER SUPER excited for my FANTASTIC VACATION IN NORTH CAROLINA with all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles and of course my #1 Nana.

So far I'm off to a good start!


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