“Hot Summer, A Hot Hot Summer”

21 Jun

Today marked the day that my best friend FINALLY returned from Brazil after 4 long long months (for me). Too bad she’s already gone and on her way to Hawaii for her brother’s wedding. Lucky girl.

In other news:

I finally finished my entry for the 2NE1 Lonely Cover Contest!!! Unfortunately, the video quality is pretty bad and the song isn’t really in my ideal range or style so it doesn’t sound that great. I wrote the English lyrics, however, which I am quite proud of. Here’s my cover:

I know I’ll never win, but I have a secret wish that 2NE1 will see it and at least like my lyrics 😦

Anyways, the winners are chosen through popularity and voting – which considering my small number of subscribers and lack of professional equipment and reputation pretty much means no one will see it. If you want to help me make it at least more likely to be seen, please like it. Thank you!

For those of you who haven’t seen the wonderful original – here it is:

On other news of my life and things that interest me, f(x)’s new song and video for “Hot Summer” are fantastic and so is 2pm’s (just released today!!!) mv (and song) “Hands up”!!!  I’ve also been loving Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight”.

The most intriguing new kpop teasers I’ve seen are for 2NE1’s “I’m the best” and Block B’s “Halo” 

I have also started watching the Dramas “City Hunter” and “Miss Ripley” but I have only watched 2 episodes of each. I am also sort of keeping up with “Immortal Song 2”, but it’s not that interesting. I am excited for the new drama with Jung Yongwa and Park Shin Hye!!! Love them. 

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HAS RETURNED HOORAYYYYYYYY!!! I am such a fan. Tuesday nights!!! I am also going to watch the show that is on after it “The nine lives of Chloe King”. The acting is not so great, but the plot has interested me enough to make me want to watch the next episode. Hopefully, it’ll get better.  

And I will leave you with a wonderful Ryan Higa video. They are always sooooo hilarious.


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