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When life hands you lemons, pray until they’re apples.

17 Sep

There are many times in life when I ask myself/my friends/God/the Universe “why is this my life” – hence the title of this my personal blog. And every time I ask myself this question I’m really just whining and using this process to relieve stress.

Recently, a dear friend of mine was in a terrible, terrible accident. It has been one week and 4 days since it happened. She is in a coma, having surgeries, and discussing plans of¬†re cooperation,¬†physical therapy, and the works. This is beyond life altering for her and her family. Her family is so wonderful I cannot even speak words for the love they are showing her. It’s awful things like this that show people how much they mean to each other and how much showing your love counts for.

I doubt that anyone will ever read this. But if you do. Say a prayer for my friend. And say a prayer for all of the people in similar situations. Because even though life handed us this sour, lemon-of-a-situation, I’m going to pray until is an apple. Something wonderful and whole and healed. And the most important realization I can give you is this: People are important. Relationships of any kind are important – and no one, I mean NO ONE is guaranteed one more day. So say what you need to now – don’t hold your breath. Love with all your heart and never look back.