25 Feb

In honor of Big Bang’s Comeback!!! , and also two of my best friends’ birthdays, I made some comics on paint (I am the worst artist ever. haha) of Big Bang. I also made one of 2NE1. Enjoy!

Big Bang Fighting!!! 🙂

Big Bang members plus their beloved dogs

Because I'm a bad artist, this doesn't portray them as beautiful as they are, but it's comical.

This is my friends Jess and Kaylyn meeting Big Bang

I really enjoy creating paint artwork. Here is one not about celebrities and rather about a girl who FREAKED OUT that the teacher didn’t pronounce her name correctly on the first day of class, and my friend Jessica and I being shocked that she freaked out. haha

First Day of Class.


Frustrating Friendships.

24 Feb

Ever have that one friend who you love, but ….. you can’t stand? I have a friend whom I truly love deeply, and is like my brother.



And he has one of those personalities where he feels the need to put everyone else down all the time. ….arrogant…..ugh.


Anyways. That is the “Why is this my life?” post of the day.

Realities of the 2011 Grammys

23 Feb

Unfortunately for me, I missed the entire first hour of the Grammys due to classes and rehearsals, but I did watch the rest and do research on some interesting things I heard about. So while watching the 2011 Grammy Awards, there were a few things that I observed. If you follow me on twitter (@acherewaty), you may have read some of my tweets (there were a lot).

The following things that I say are just my opinions.

Random Observations

  • Will Smith is super proud of his kids (as he should be because they are fantastic), and yelled “that’s my baby” after Jaden’s performance with J.Biebs
  • Lady Gaga was birthed from an egg on stage….
  • Nicki Minaj is normally pretty cool, but what the hell happened to her hair?!
  • Christina Aguilera is one of the most talented people in this country and she’s a human being who makes mistakes. Everyone should calm down about the whole superbowl thing and now her falling. She’s a great performer and amazing artist.
  • Who decided that Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez should be allowed to be award announcers or whatever – shouldn’t it be people the nation respects as talented? (Honestly, I could live with Selena – but Miley is a train wreck)
  • The pictures of Willow Smith sitting on Lady Gaga’s lap are adorable

seriously though, so cute.

  • If Lady Antebellum won ONE MORE TIME I was going to have to kill somebody.
  • I really hate that song and to quote one of my best friends “It’s a quarter after one, this song is getting old and I need you to stop singing it now”
  • Who the hell is Arcade Fire and HOW IN THE WORLD did they beat ANYONE for an award? Did you hear them? Ridiculous. No one’s heard of them and they can beat someone like Lady Gaga who had a BAGILLION hits from ONE album?!
  • The Academy disappointed me a little.

Otherwise the awards were very entertaining and I will always be an avid watcher of the Grammys.


Welcome 2011! Nice to see you.

6 Jan

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

My holidays were filled with the usual family shenanigans such as:

Reenacting the birth of christ:

with my brother playing the role of Joseph (who is looking mighty hispanic???) and my cat playing the role of baby Jesus. My neighbors came over after Christmas Eve mass to have a late night breakfast/catch-phrase game. haha

Christmas Day was spent at my beloved Uncle’s house in NJ! We had a FANTASTIC time with the usual craziness. We played wii pictionary and “Just Dance” which was hilarious! My cousin and my brother did a medley and I almost peed in my pants.

New Years Eve I spent cooking with my neighbor (from above) who is pretty much my sister. We then watched some highlights from the Gayo Daejun on

This is my personal FAVORITE.

I also really love the BoA medley that Taemin, Krystal, Luna, and Yoona did.

And of course the Khuntoria special and the 2pm/miss a dance version of Without U were spectacular! 2ne1 and GD&TOP were also fantastic. And I always love f(x) and SHINee no matter what. HOORAY FOR AMBER’S RETURN. I was getting concerned.

Recently, after the chaos of the new year had settled down, there were also a bagilllllion new mvs released. The best ones are (in my opinion):

GD&TOP “knock out”

and TVXQ’s “Keep your head down” which Perez Hilton even acknowledged on his blog!

Finally, as my friend Jessica came to visit me while we are on break from College, we made this lovely MV for all to enjoy!

We looooooooove this song.



10 Dec

Check out my new website everyone!


It’s all about my addiction to YouTube.



Music and Technology Class

9 Dec

Hey everyone for my Music and Technology class I have to post the following fact up somewhere on the internet (I chose my splendid blog!):

Did you know? FACT OF THE DAY: The only people to ever win a Grammy award in Disco were Gloria Gaynor and her producers Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren for the song “I will Survive” – a continuous classic if you ask me.




and get PUMPED for the 2011 Grammy’s in February!!!

Twitter MISHAP.

23 Nov

Here’s another classic “WHY IS THIS MY LIFE” story for you.

So on Twitter – for those of you who don’t have one- when you want to send a tweet to someone in particular you use an @ symbol and then their twitter username. For example, sending a message to me would be “@acherewaty blah blah blah” and I would see that under my @mentions tab on twitter.

So there are a few of my friends that I avidly tweet to on twitter. Specifically my friend Jessica, and her username is @JayyOhh.

WELLLLLLLLLLLL when I tweet from my phone I can’t look up her username and APPARENTLY I spelled it wrong whilst tweeting her yesterday not once

not twice


Some man with the twitter username of @JayOhh (SO FREAKING SIMILAR) received the following messages yesterday from @acherewaty


“Ahhhhhh! so excited!”


“i am done. like i am just not going to reference a thousand other dictionaries”

So embarrassing…

Why is this my life? I BLEW IT.

Prayers for South Korea in this terrible time!

Here’s a few new great music videos:

Beast/B2ST!! -” Beautiful” so cute! 

F.Cuz – “Midnight Sun”- really catchy and kind of hott?? 

Orange Caramel- “Aing” They are adorable. I didn’t really like this at first, but it has grown on me more than I thought it would. 

Happy Thanksgiving Vacation college kids!