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SM Town Live at MSG in NYC

27 Oct








As I stood out of my seat applauding with a mildly blank/ semi-sad expression on my face, all I could think was “Did this really just happen?” and “It feels like a dream already”.

That is how I felt AFTER the best five hours of my life.

For starters, I’d had such a busy few weeks that the concert’s date actually crept up on me very quickly. And I was SO excited, but I just couldn’t feel the reality of it all. My idols were going to be in front of my eyes, MY EYES. IN PERSON. HERE. ON THE EAST COAST. I couldn’t fathom it. Something that a year ago I joked about being my life’s goal was finally attainable. I would see them in concert. They were finally coming here.

And Madison Square Garden of all places! As my Nana says, “You know you’ve made it when you get to Madison Square Garden”.

So Sunday early afternoon, I headed to my Nana’s house in NJ. I left my car there and my other friend picked me up. So it was me and two of my best friends in total as we headed through the Lincoln Tunnel to the concert of my dreams.

As we got there, we parked and (decked out in our home-made SM Town t-shirts) got on an elevator where a little girl who was probably 11 asked us if we liked SM Town (she must have seen our shirts haha) and what our favorite groups were. We enthusiastically replied with our favorites and then said that we pretty much loved them all.

We left the parking garage and walked across the street to MSG. And then….we proceeded to try and get in at 2 or 3 different entrances that were wrong for our tickets. When we finally found our entrance, we were in a line that wrapped around part of the building. Excitement was building as everyone around us (that we could understand) started buzzing about how excited they were too.

We got to our seats and started taking photos of ourselves being excited, of the stage, the logo, the stadium seats, etc. I was far too anxious for it to start. And my face in all of the pictures is SUPER excited and happy. Haha

As we waited for the concert to finally begin, we watched mini-commercials (sort of) that advertised things related to SM Town as the crowd’s cheering got louder and louder with each loop of video.

THEN IT STARTED. I couldn’t believe that I was laying my own actual eyes of f(x). There they were….IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME. It was a dream come true.

The entire show continued on like this, with groups doing some hits, a little intro, then something special like a duet or a dance break. They even had these ‘friendship’ commercial things with SM artists in them while they prepared for the next number. It was so awesome.

So here’s what you need to know about me: When I get really excited at a concert or event like this, I scream. But I can’t control it… And the more excited I get, the louder it gets, the HIGHER in pitch it gets, and the more intense it gets. I just get too excited.

I deafened people.

I don’t know what happened. And the thing is – I’ve taken voice lessons for a long time so…I can hold this piercing scream for almost a minute and a half without breathing……………………..ridiculous right? I can’t help it. I’ve tried. I just can’t contain myself.

ANYWAYS I think my highlights of the night were this:

Everything that involved pyrotechnics (specifically the fire bursts during ring ding dong), flying, or lasers (like Lucifer which was just the greatest thing ever).

TVXQ – Before U Go. Hot. There’s nothing else to say but – hot.


BoA and Key singing “I Did it For Love” – This got the LOUDEST and most extreme scream out of me.

Girls’ Generation singing “The Boys” live – it really made me love the song more and more.

BoA. period. I once screamed “I LOVE YOU” when everyone got quiet for a second and everyone around me laughed. I wish she had heard me, but I don’t think she did. Also her English was really good and very cute.

Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” was really REALLY impressive. I gained a lot more love for Super Junior seeing them in person. I always liked them, but they were definitely at the bottom of the SM totem pole in my heart (the totem pole itself being above a lot of other people). I can no longer say that anymore. They really REALLY impressed me.

I also went into this concert having barely ANY idea who KangTa was, and he REALLY impressed me. His voice was incredibly beautiful.

F(x) being one of my TOP favorite groups also really impressed me. They are all so talented and impressive. I wish Luna had gotten more screams because her voice is really incredible live (and of course not live). I love them all.

The moral of this story is that SM Town live at MSG in NYC was the best concert OF MY LIFE. 

And I will be posting a fancam recap of the night (before my camera TRAGICALLY died) and a vlog about it. I’ll also include some photos of our t-shirts! 🙂