SM Town Live at MSG in NYC

27 Oct








As I stood out of my seat applauding with a mildly blank/ semi-sad expression on my face, all I could think was “Did this really just happen?” and “It feels like a dream already”.

That is how I felt AFTER the best five hours of my life.

For starters, I’d had such a busy few weeks that the concert’s date actually crept up on me very quickly. And I was SO excited, but I just couldn’t feel the reality of it all. My idols were going to be in front of my eyes, MY EYES. IN PERSON. HERE. ON THE EAST COAST. I couldn’t fathom it. Something that a year ago I joked about being my life’s goal was finally attainable. I would see them in concert. They were finally coming here.

And Madison Square Garden of all places! As my Nana says, “You know you’ve made it when you get to Madison Square Garden”.

So Sunday early afternoon, I headed to my Nana’s house in NJ. I left my car there and my other friend picked me up. So it was me and two of my best friends in total as we headed through the Lincoln Tunnel to the concert of my dreams.

As we got there, we parked and (decked out in our home-made SM Town t-shirts) got on an elevator where a little girl who was probably 11 asked us if we liked SM Town (she must have seen our shirts haha) and what our favorite groups were. We enthusiastically replied with our favorites and then said that we pretty much loved them all.

We left the parking garage and walked across the street to MSG. And then….we proceeded to try and get in at 2 or 3 different entrances that were wrong for our tickets. When we finally found our entrance, we were in a line that wrapped around part of the building. Excitement was building as everyone around us (that we could understand) started buzzing about how excited they were too.

We got to our seats and started taking photos of ourselves being excited, of the stage, the logo, the stadium seats, etc. I was far too anxious for it to start. And my face in all of the pictures is SUPER excited and happy. Haha

As we waited for the concert to finally begin, we watched mini-commercials (sort of) that advertised things related to SM Town as the crowd’s cheering got louder and louder with each loop of video.

THEN IT STARTED. I couldn’t believe that I was laying my own actual eyes of f(x). There they were….IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME. It was a dream come true.

The entire show continued on like this, with groups doing some hits, a little intro, then something special like a duet or a dance break. They even had these ‘friendship’ commercial things with SM artists in them while they prepared for the next number. It was so awesome.

So here’s what you need to know about me: When I get really excited at a concert or event like this, I scream. But I can’t control it… And the more excited I get, the louder it gets, the HIGHER in pitch it gets, and the more intense it gets. I just get too excited.

I deafened people.

I don’t know what happened. And the thing is – I’ve taken voice lessons for a long time so…I can hold this piercing scream for almost a minute and a half without breathing……………………..ridiculous right? I can’t help it. I’ve tried. I just can’t contain myself.

ANYWAYS I think my highlights of the night were this:

Everything that involved pyrotechnics (specifically the fire bursts during ring ding dong), flying, or lasers (like Lucifer which was just the greatest thing ever).

TVXQ – Before U Go. Hot. There’s nothing else to say but – hot.


BoA and Key singing “I Did it For Love” – This got the LOUDEST and most extreme scream out of me.

Girls’ Generation singing “The Boys” live – it really made me love the song more and more.

BoA. period. I once screamed “I LOVE YOU” when everyone got quiet for a second and everyone around me laughed. I wish she had heard me, but I don’t think she did. Also her English was really good and very cute.

Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” was really REALLY impressive. I gained a lot more love for Super Junior seeing them in person. I always liked them, but they were definitely at the bottom of the SM totem pole in my heart (the totem pole itself being above a lot of other people). I can no longer say that anymore. They really REALLY impressed me.

I also went into this concert having barely ANY idea who KangTa was, and he REALLY impressed me. His voice was incredibly beautiful.

F(x) being one of my TOP favorite groups also really impressed me. They are all so talented and impressive. I wish Luna had gotten more screams because her voice is really incredible live (and of course not live). I love them all.

The moral of this story is that SM Town live at MSG in NYC was the best concert OF MY LIFE. 

And I will be posting a fancam recap of the night (before my camera TRAGICALLY died) and a vlog about it. I’ll also include some photos of our t-shirts! 🙂


When life hands you lemons, pray until they’re apples.

17 Sep

There are many times in life when I ask myself/my friends/God/the Universe “why is this my life” – hence the title of this my personal blog. And every time I ask myself this question I’m really just whining and using this process to relieve stress.

Recently, a dear friend of mine was in a terrible, terrible accident. It has been one week and 4 days since it happened. She is in a coma, having surgeries, and discussing plans of re cooperation, physical therapy, and the works. This is beyond life altering for her and her family. Her family is so wonderful I cannot even speak words for the love they are showing her. It’s awful things like this that show people how much they mean to each other and how much showing your love counts for.

I doubt that anyone will ever read this. But if you do. Say a prayer for my friend. And say a prayer for all of the people in similar situations. Because even though life handed us this sour, lemon-of-a-situation, I’m going to pray until is an apple. Something wonderful and whole and healed. And the most important realization I can give you is this: People are important. Relationships of any kind are important – and no one, I mean NO ONE is guaranteed one more day. So say what you need to now – don’t hold your breath. Love with all your heart and never look back.


“Hot Summer, A Hot Hot Summer”

21 Jun

Today marked the day that my best friend FINALLY returned from Brazil after 4 long long months (for me). Too bad she’s already gone and on her way to Hawaii for her brother’s wedding. Lucky girl.

In other news:

I finally finished my entry for the 2NE1 Lonely Cover Contest!!! Unfortunately, the video quality is pretty bad and the song isn’t really in my ideal range or style so it doesn’t sound that great. I wrote the English lyrics, however, which I am quite proud of. Here’s my cover:

I know I’ll never win, but I have a secret wish that 2NE1 will see it and at least like my lyrics 😦

Anyways, the winners are chosen through popularity and voting – which considering my small number of subscribers and lack of professional equipment and reputation pretty much means no one will see it. If you want to help me make it at least more likely to be seen, please like it. Thank you!

For those of you who haven’t seen the wonderful original – here it is:

On other news of my life and things that interest me, f(x)’s new song and video for “Hot Summer” are fantastic and so is 2pm’s (just released today!!!) mv (and song) “Hands up”!!!  I’ve also been loving Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight”.

The most intriguing new kpop teasers I’ve seen are for 2NE1’s “I’m the best” and Block B’s “Halo” 

I have also started watching the Dramas “City Hunter” and “Miss Ripley” but I have only watched 2 episodes of each. I am also sort of keeping up with “Immortal Song 2”, but it’s not that interesting. I am excited for the new drama with Jung Yongwa and Park Shin Hye!!! Love them. 

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HAS RETURNED HOORAYYYYYYYY!!! I am such a fan. Tuesday nights!!! I am also going to watch the show that is on after it “The nine lives of Chloe King”. The acting is not so great, but the plot has interested me enough to make me want to watch the next episode. Hopefully, it’ll get better.  

And I will leave you with a wonderful Ryan Higa video. They are always sooooo hilarious.

At laaaaaast summer has come along

2 Jun

Even though I’ve officially been “home for summer” and done with school for a few weeks, it is just recently beginning to feel like summer in my life.

Summer for me is a time of loves and hates: a time to obsess over certain songs and your favorite book, or whatever it may be.

Summer is also a time of goals: a time when there are things I want to do and things I want to accomplish before I’m back at school and too busy to look back.

So here are my lovely lists of obsessions and goals for the Summer of 2011.

OBSESSIONS (currently)

  • Eos lip balm – the ones that are round. Really, I’ve loved these for a while, but I just bought a honey dew one and got overly excited about it.
  • The songs “Pricetag” by Jessie J and “Love Alone” by Miss A. Catchy and wonderful.
  • Monk. I have seasons 4 and 5 on DVD and I have had them playing in my room almost continuously since I got home. Love it.
  • Pretty soon I will be obsessed with Pretty Little Liars when it comes back on TV!
  • Mauchunk Lake. I forgot how much I love it there.
  • Do a lot of outdoorsy activities such as : canoeing/kayaking, white water rafting, camping, hiking (specifically I love Jacobsburg State Park and Hawk Mountain), fishing with my Dad – just in general being outside.
  • Be relatively fit.
  • Walk my dog everyday. She will love me more and my park is really quite nice.
  • Hang out with my high school friends. God I love them.
  • REUNITE WITH ALYCE WHEN SHE RETURNS FROM BRAZIL. Actually this is number 1 on my thoughts.
  • Practice violin and piano A LOT. so far I have been successful at this goal as far as violin goes…I can’t say the same for piano, but it’s getting tuned soon which will help.
  • MAKE MONEY. Working at CVS and Babysitting. I think I am also house/pet sitting.
  • Visit NYC to shop, wander, and see a show. More than once.
  • Spend lots of time with Baby Tia. 🙂 My little sister turns 1 soon and she is so so cute!
Besides these goals and obsessions, I am also really excited to go on vacation with my Dad in July to a lake in the Poconos (it’s something to do with the sun-either its rising or setting- the name of the lake) and I am SUPER SUPER excited for my FANTASTIC VACATION IN NORTH CAROLINA with all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles and of course my #1 Nana.

So far I'm off to a good start!

SM Town

4 May

I have a deep deep love of SM artists. 

It is a dream of mine to see an SM Town Live concert.

Last year they held only one concert in the USA and where was it? Los Angeles. 

I guess they thought that LA has the highest Korean population and that they were doing a concert in the U.S. so what’s the big deal.

I was bummed because LA is really really far away from me. Like…I’d have to cross two time zones to get there. Not possible.

AND THEN SM decides to do a concert in Paris because they have a lot of European fans. Okay. That’s fair.


Dear SM,

Please PLEASE come to the East Coast of the United States. Just because you came to LA does not mean you gave an adequate opportunity to the entirety of the U.S. population to see your artists in concert.  I REALLY LOVE THEM. So I’m begging you. Please come to New York City. The Wondergirls, 2PM, 2AM, and JYJ all made it. What are you waiting for? 


Alyssa – an SM TOWN lover

Spring Break in Chicago!!!

23 Mar

Two of my best friends and I took our Spring Break vaca to the great city of CHICAGO this year. I am in love with the windy city.

Day 1 – Snow. It was very cold and we strolled around the neighborhood of Oak Park where my friend’s aunt (who we stayed with) lives in a fantastic apartment.

totally gorgeous.  We also discovered the restaurant love of my life called Flat Top Grille – which was a create your own stir fry place!







Day 2: We went to the Shedd Aquarium!!! Who knew Chicago would have one of the best aquariums I’ve ever been to? We also went up in the Willis (used to be Sears) Tower to the Skydeck, which was awesome until I got serious vertigo and then was put in a freight elevator to come down that had signs up stating no passengers……(?) haha











Day 3: On our third day in Chicago we took a trip to the Adler Planetarium….which was super boring. If I had a child between the ages of 5 and 10, I’d bring them there, but otherwise….no. We also took a trip to the Navy Pier! While there we rode the ferris wheel and tried to use a video booth (instead of photo booth) which ate our money and 45 minutes of our time because it’s touch screen was cracked. 😦 Then at night we had a taste of some Chicago-style Pizza!









Day 4: On our fourth day in Chicago we went to the Field Museum – which was totally awesome, and MILLENIUM PARK which is my favorite. I’m in love with the bean. We also went to some restaurant called Jimmy Green’s that got my order wrong and had super slow service.









Day 5: On our 5th day we went to the Museum of Science and Industry!!! It was super cool, and I’ll have to go back one day because I didn’t even get to see the whole thing. My favorite section was the storm section where you could control tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, wind tunnels, etc on a small scale to understand how they work. We went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe where they put BACON in their Caesar salad. so upsetting. Then we briefly people watched at Starbucks and then went to see BLUE MAN GROUP! who were completely amazing.







Day 6: On our 6th day in Chicago, we went to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio – which was really cool! I love his architecture. The only down side of this, was the creepy man who followed me around with a camera. Not. okay. At night, after the boys had headed home on the train, Jessica and I headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner!







On Day 7: Our last full day in Chicago was spent shopping and strolling the city. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the House of Blues.





Overall, I absolutely love Chicago as a city and I cannot WAIT to go back!!!

And the Oscar went to…

3 Mar

This year was another exciting one at the Academy Awards!!! Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted and did a wonderful job!

Anne wore SEVERAL gorgeous gowns (and even a few…interesting ones). Franco even had his own gown.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t have the chance to see a lot of the nominated films this year – however – now that I see the results and movie clips, I am definitely interested in renting the majority of them.

If you missed the awards – here’s a link to a list of who won what:

I was impressed by the number of nominations received for the King’s Speech, the Social Network, True Grit, and Inception. Black Swan, the Fighter, and Toy Story 3 also received a large number of nominations.

One of my favorite moments of the entire night, was the wonderful auto-tune song that was made due to the limited number of musical-movies that were released in 2010

My personal favorite is “tiny ball of light” from Harry Potter.

And now – the ultimate question: How many dresses did Anne Hathaway wear that night? Let’s count.







Overall, the show was well hosted and very entertaining!